have been going to dad's garage since they opened. I would never ever go anywhere else to get work done on my automobile.  They are by far the best and most honest mechanics that I know. If your not going here then you are really missing out. Randiw W of Las Vegas 5 Star YELP Review 

I have been sending family and friends to dad's for years and spoken so highly about them that we now have our company trucks serviced by them. Absolutely the most honest shop in town. Are they the rock bottom cheapest? No, but thats not who you want answering your questions and being trusted with your car in any case. Their prices are very reasonable, however. Wayne (owner) is a standup guy and will gladly take time to explain things and let you know what really needs to be done and what can wait. I've even had jobs done that were cheaper than my estimate. 

I cannot recommend them highly enough.  - 5 Stars Tanner of Las Vegas NV

I brought my 2004 Dodge Ram diesel in to get a seal replaced. Dropped it off at 8am and they were able to call me by lunch with a diagnosis. I approved the repair and was quoted the price. They were slammed so I didn't expect the work to be finished the same day. However, the garage had my truck finished before quitting time and stayed until I could get down there to pick it up! The best part is the bill was less than they quoted because the gear box had plenty of oil and didn't require more. I was shocked at the level of honesty, I mean I had already agreed to a higher price and how would I know if they used more oil or not. I definitely found my new garage. Thank you!  Brandy in Las Vegas

They are great! Honest, Great workers. Highly recommended.  Rachel in Seattle WA.  I used them when I was in town!  5 Stars

I've been a fan of this garage since 2003. As far as a garage this gets as good as it can get!!. Small garage operated by one hell of a guy. I have 5 cars all of them are serviced here Doesn't matter if it's a small repair or major overhaul you will not feel you've been overcharge or gotten a bad deal. If job is not done to your satisfaction, Wayne will make it right. You will get an upfront estimate, fair and honest. It's the kind of garage you get to wander about looking at your own car or one of the many others he's servicing. Hours are good and if you want an independent garage, tired of being screwed by dealerships...this is the place to come. - Mike in Las Vegas 5 STARS

Dad's Garage Auto Repair in Las Vegas now provides the GM 6T40 and 45E FWD and AWD Transmission Replacement Options from JASPER Engines & Transmissions.  These transmissions are available for the following 2008-2011 applications:  Chevrolet Equinox and Malibu  |  GMC Terrain  |  Pontiac G6  |  Saturn Aura  |  Buick Regal and LaCrosse

Motor oil can be a confusing beast that results in a number of questions. Do I really need synthetic? Does my new car take conventional? Understanding the basics of the different types of oil will help you answer these questions.

Synthetic motor oils are designed to excel at extreme temperatures. Regular motor oils are mineral-based: they come from crude oil that is taken out of the ground and run through a refinery. Synthetics, on the other hand, are man-made in a chemical plant. They tend to be more consistent in viscosity over various temperatures.

While synthetics can improve your engine performance, they don't eliminate the need for regular oil changes. Synthetics can handle heat better than regular motor oil, but additives can only work for so long and the engine will still contaminate the oil.

You see those cryptic combinations of letters and numbers on motor oil bottles everywhere. What do they mean?  To decipher them, you have to understand viscosity. Viscosity measures how much the motor oil can resist flow. In other words, if you tip a motor oil bottle over, how fast it spills out indicates its viscosity. The more viscous, the slower it moves.

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Dad's Garage Auto Repair

3425 N Rancho Drive Ste 120
Las Vegas, NV 89130
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Weekdays:   8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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